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  Vision Statement
  Quality Systems
  - Organization
  - Proficiency Testing
  - Data Review
  - Audits
  - Nonconformance
  - Test Methods
  - Quote Module
  - Sample Receiving
  - Sample Management
  - Electronic Data Handling
  - Reporting
  Project Management
The cornerstone of Shealy's laboratory operations is the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). It is a state-of-the-art, open-architecture, object-oriented relational database developed by the Shealy Information Technology Department to address our current and future requirements for data handling and reporting. The LIMS integrates quoting, scheduling, batching, tracking, data acquisition, calculations, quality control, final reports, EDDs, and invoicing.

The LIMS consists of a variety of modules; the main modules are described below.

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Quote Module
Sample Receiving
Sample Management
Electronic Data Handling
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