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  - Electronic Data Handling
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Electronic Data Handling
Most sample and batch quality control data generated in the laboratory is electronically transferred to the LIMS from many data sources throughout the laboratory. Each data source has its own module for data transfer, custom-designed for that particular analysis. Each of these transfer modules operates independently of each other, yet all of them transfer the data to LIMS in a standard format. This allows the quality control routines to be standardized for all analyses, while providing the flexibility to perform specialized routines against the raw data before transfer. The data are transferred to LIMS in preliminary form. All data generated receive three independent levels of review before the data are released as final.

This module also handles manual data entry for the few methods that have no electronic data capturing means. Data entered manually from logbooks or bench sheets are verified using a manual double-entry procedure. The first entry is not viewable on screen. If the second entry matches the first entry, the result is final and the next sample result can be entered. If the second entry does not match the first entry, both entries must be repeated until they match.
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